Friday, January 4, 2013


I’ll confess something – I don’t like the word “interesting.”

It seems to me that when a friend, acquaintance, family member, or stranger doesn’t know what to say about a person’s work – a song that person wrote, or an article, a book a drawing, etc.- they’ll say it’s “interesting.” Maybe they didn’t really enjoy the work, and they wanted to be polite. Maybe they were actually kind of bored by the work. But saying the work is “interesting” allows them to look like they were actually interested by the work.

When I’m genuinely interested by something someone has done, I’ll try to say something other than “that’s interesting.” I like to use the word “intriguing” or “exciting” instead. Or I’ll mention a particular thing about the work that I especially liked, or that caught my attention.

I hope you found this blog entry interesting.