Monday, September 15, 2008

Radio show

(A re-post of a rant that I posted on a message board)

I heard a commercial on the radio saying that an upcoming radio program would have something about job interviews on it. Since I'm looking for a job, I thought this would be useful. So I decided to listen to that radio program, but the part about job interviews was coming on later, so I had to sit through the rest of the program. I never listen to this program anyway, because it consists of only 2 things: 1) people crying, and 2) boring stuff that I don't care about. (Oh yeah, and 3: people saying "you know" way too much, but that describes every radio show.)

Another reason to hate that radio show is because they use the word "foodie" on their website. But I digress.

So I sat through half an hour of the damn show. First, there was a boring interview, filled with "you know's" at least three times every sentence by both the host and the interviewee. The interview was about growing peaches. The host sometimes talked with his mouth full of peach. In the second part of the show, there was a quest to find the Great Canadian Sandwich. This consisted of someone else coming on the show and reading letters that listeners had written in. The letters were about various sandwiches the listeners had made in their lives.

During the sandwich segment, I got bored and disgusted and turned the radio off without even waiting for the part about job interviews. Though, knowing that show, perhaps the part about job interviews would also be boring and stupid and not very helpful.

Thank GOD that show is going off the air later this month! I hope that whatever they replace it with is less vapid.

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