Friday, October 5, 2012

Walk Off The Earth!

Earlier on this year, I found this video. It's a video of five people playing the same guitar at the same time! The video was made by the band Walk Off The Earth. I checked out a few of their other covers of songs, and I enjoyed them very much. I checked out the band's website, and I found out that they were coming to Montreal in September! I ordered a ticket, and the ticket came in the mail.

The Walk Off The Earth concert was September 14. What a concert!

The band played some cover songs - an up-tempo version of Adele's "Someone Like You", "Eleanor Rigby" by the Beatles, and, of course, the five-people-on-one-guitar song that I linked earlier in this entry. They also played many of their original songs. A few of their songs had catchy choruses that the audience could sing along to.

Most of the band members could (and did!) play multiple different instruments. When a band member was finished playing an instrument, and ready to switch to another instrument, they would toss the old instrument behind them, and a stagehand or other band member would catch it. Some unusual instruments that were played included ukulele, cigar-box guitar, and vibraslap. Also, at one point a band member played a guitar with drumsticks, and at another point in the concert, two band members played one drumset. During this song, a bunch of absolutely enormous balloons, bigger balloons than I had ever seen before, were released into the audience from the ceiling, and everyone had an amusing time batting them around. :)

Throughout the whole concert, it was very evident that both the band members and all of the audience members were having a huge amount of fun!! It was absolutely the craziest concert I have ever been to!! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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