Sunday, May 3, 2009

Europe, part 7 (Rome, then home)

Wednesday, July 9

On this day, we rode in our bus to Rome. We had lunch at a highway stop thingy, and arrived in Rome in the afternoon.

Rome is perhaps the most amazing city I've ever seen. There are old buildings and ruins everywhere. And the trees are incredible! There are lots of umbrella pines and palm trees along the streets. I was enthralled.

pines, palms

The Pines of Rome, as captured by my disposable camers from the bus window.


More pines. (Photo by a friend.)

When we got to Rome, we had a tour in the bus, then we had a walking tour. In the bus tour, we saw the Colosseum. On the walking tour, we saw the Pantheon and threw coins into a fountain. The walking tour was fun, but the streets were extremely crowded with tourists.

Fountain of Rome

Fountain of Rome (photo by a friend)

Pantheon and tourists

Daniel and I hanging out at the Pantheon

After our tours, we went to our hotel. Then we went to a nearby restaurant for our farewell dinner, where speeches were given about how great the trip was and how much we all enjoyed it!


In the entrance of our hotel.

Farewell dinner. (photo by a friend)

After the dinner, I sat in the lobby. Someone said that there was a party going on in one of the orchestra members' hotel rooms. So I went to that room, and sure enough, there were several bottles of wine in there, and several orchestra members drinking wine.

The Wines of Rome! (Photo by a friend.)

Then a bunch of us went to the Colosseum on the metro. It was beautiful at night.

Me at the Colosseum at night. Photo by a friend.

We ended up singing Happy Birthday to some strangers at the Colosseum. Then we walked around for a little while, and looked at some more old buildings. Then we went back to the hotel on a city bus. The driver let us get on for free!

Thursday, July 10

We packed up all our bags and loaded them onto the bus. For the first time on the trip, everyone was on time. I was kind of sad that I had only spent about half a day in Rome. I was kind of sad that the trip was over. It had been such an awesome trip.

Rome airport...

We arrived at the airport. While we were waiting for our flight, I was talking to our conductor. I asked if I should learn to play bassoon, and he suggested that I learn to play viola. This idea had never occurred to me before, but it sounded pretty neat.

From Italy, we had a short flight to the Paris airport. I was a bit scared, but I was sitting next to my conductor and he was holding my hand, so it wasn't too bad. From Paris, we had a longer flight to Montreal. During that flight, I read a book. I was happy. I was coming home from the best trip ever.

And now you know the story of the best trip ever. (And now you know why I play the viola.)

The End

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